Certified Free Sale Certificates

(Canada Only)

A Certificate of Free Sale is a document that indicates a particular product is marketed in Canada

Currently, dicentra is authorized by Health Canada to issue International Trade Certificates for Natural Health Products and for facilities that are in compliance with the NHP GMPs. The program outlined herein will expand dicentra’s trade certificate offerings to include Certificates of Free Sale for the following product categories:

  1. Cosmetics
  2. OTC Drugs
  3. Medical Devices
  4. Disinfectants (AntiMicrobial Agents only)
  5. Veterinary Health Products (VHPs)

A Certificates of Free Sale (CFS) is a document that is required by certain countries or jurisdictions in order for certain commodities to be imported into those countries. The document certifies that the specified imported goods are legally, freely, and normally sold in the open market of the exporting country. This service will be of interest to any client or potential client who exports products to regions where CFSs are desired or are mandatory.

Product categories not included in this program include the following:

  • Foods sold in Canada. Reason: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency provides CFSs for foods to industry
  • Drugs (other than OTCs) sold in Canada. Reason: the Health Product Compliance Directorate currently issues Certificates of a Pharmaceutical Product (CPP) for these products. They also issue CPPs for OTCs, however, we have included OTCs in our listing because our competitors (CHP Canada and Cosmetics Alliance of Canada) offer CFS’s for OTCs. It is possible that when the Self Care products Regulations come into effect, and NHPs and OTCs come under the same umbrella, that we can expand our official authorization from Health Canada to include OTCs. Therefore, it may be wise to begin to associate ourselves with OTC CFSs now.
  • Foods, Dietary Supplements, Drugs, Medical Devices, or Cosmetics sold in the US. Reason: The US FDA already issues trade certificates for these commodities.

Competitive Advantage:

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  3. “We do the work”, compared to most other companies who get the applicant to essentially prepare the entire certificate online
  4. We provide notarization.